Updated Nov 16, 2023: We are happy to announce that many of our Expert Lens based agents are also available in the GPT Store. Expert Lens is part of the strategy we developed called Expertise Augmented Generation [EAG]. If you have ChatGPT Plus subscription you will be able to use the GPT Store links below. If you don’t have that subscription please use the first link which leads to the agents hosted on the Tiny Magiq infra.

NameDescriptionInvoke our Gen AI Agent
Ace AIAt Tiny Magiq, we unlock the latent capabilities of your organization to create breakthroughs using disruptive innovation techniques that leverage technologies like AI and Gen AI. How does our Gen AI Programs unlock

Ace AI GPT Store Link
FRMWe have all heard this adage – when life hands you lemons make lemonade. How do we develop that type of mindset? Help me make lemonade out of the lemons I have been given

FRM GPT Store Link

FRM on the Hugging Face Assistants Store Link [uses LLAMA2 70B]
PUXPUX – Performance Undersupply Xray is Tiny Magiq’s method to find the best opportunities for disruptive innovation PUX Trim Tab Finder

PUX Trim Tab Finder on GPT Store

Disruptive Innovation Analyst on the GPT Store. It can analyze any past disruptive innovation.
AUTAUT – Alternate Uses Test, is a standard test for measuring Creativity in Human beings. I am an AUT wizard. Can you beat me?

AUT GPT Store Link
BTGBTG or Build Tiny Grit is our method for beating procrastination and doing Important but Not Urgent tasks consistently. Design a BTG for my need

BTG Explainer on the GPT Store
CQACQA or Curiosity Question Asked is our breakthrough questioning technique. It leads to valuable insights in most contexts like meetings, negotiations, brainstorming sessions etc. Generate CQA questions for my

rLets is a method of simplifying complex tasks by breaking them down into smaller, measurable & executable actions accounting for the context. Without rLets we tend to get stuck with our large vision and lose momentum. Design rLets fro me to take action immediately
UPSACorporate Storytelling is a key skill for all of us to build. Tiny Magiq’s UPSA method makes it easier for anyone to tell a good story.Tweak your story or presentation ideas to make it more impactful
UTMUniversal Task Model is a method we have developed to decompose any job or task to identify Gen AI opportunitiesDecompose any task or job
UTM GPT Store Link
PLSPlussing is one of the best ways to give actionable feedback.Help me generate plussing feedback
Tech ExplainerUnderstanding technology at least at a high level is super important no matter what job you do. This is hard for people with who don’t have tech backgroundI can explain any popular tech term in a way anyone can understand. Wanna try?

Tech Explainer GPT Store Link
Winograd SchemaThis is an excellent test for the reasoning ability of LLMsWinograd Schema GPT 3.5

Winograd Schema on GPT Store