NameDescriptionInvoke our Gen AI Agent
Ace AIAt Tiny Magiq, we unlock the latent capabilities of your organization to create breakthroughs using disruptive innovation techniques that leverage technologies like AI and Gen AI. How does our Gen AI Programs unlock
FRMFRM, or Fault Mode to Responsibility Mode, is a mindset shift that involves taking ownership and responsibility for our thoughts and actions, rather than blaming external factors. Help me shift to Responsibility Mode in my situation
BTGBTG or Build Tiny Grit is our method for beating procrastination and doing Important but Not Urgent tasks consistently. Design a BTG for my need
CQACQA or Curiosity Question Asked is our breakthrough questioning technique. It leads to valuable insights in most contexts like meetings, negotiations, brainstorming sessions etc. Generate CQA questions for my

rLets is a method of simplifying complex tasks by breaking them down into smaller, measurable & executable actions accounting for the context. Without rLets we tend to get stuck with our large vision and lose momentum. Design rLets fro me to take action immediately
UPSACorporate Storytelling is a key skill for all of us to build. Tiny Magiq’s UPSA method makes it easier for anyone to tell a good story.Tweak your story or presentation ideas to make it more impactful
UTMUniversal Task Model is a method we have developed to decompose any job or task to identify Gen AI opportunitiesDecompose any task or job