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TMTX 14 RPA As Culture Change Catalyst with Sundara

Firstly, thank you all for the comments on the previous episode on Microproducts. Glad that so many of you found it useful. Please do take the time to comment so that I get some feedback.

Today, I want to cover the popular topic of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA has taken the IT world by storm over the last 6+ years.

In this context, Sundara Sukavanam, the Chief Digital Officer pursued a very different approach – he and his team decided to use RPA as a catalyst of culture change by rolling out a citizen developer program across some of their key BUs.

He is fresh from a successful pilot of this new approach that got done just a few weeks back. I decided that it may be worth listening to the insights he and his team have developed.

One of the key things Sundara says is that RPA pilot implementations are usually very successful. But when it comes to a scale implementation, most organizations struggle. What makes scale implementations so hard? The interview has some excellent answers.

Full disclosure – grateful to Sundara & the Firstsource leadership team for choosing Tiny Magiq as their partner in this innovative program. Without further ado, here is the 10 min 56 sec interview with Sundara. Hot off the press 🙂

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TMTX 13A Microproducts with Dorai Full Interview

This is the full unedited (except the pre & post roll) version of the interview I did with Dorai Thodla, who created the concept of Microprodcucts.

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TMTX 13 Microproducts with Dorai

As I mentioned in my last episode Dorai Thodla one of the top thinkers/mentors in Chennai came up with this concept of Microproducts. A year or so back, he took time out, met with our team and explained his concept which inspired all of us. Everyone of our team mates have taken up this idea of a building a microproduct. Magiq Ears was created as a direct result of Dorai’s inspiring session with our team. We are very grateful to him.

Since many of you are likely hearing the term “microproduct” for the first time, you may have a number of questions – What are microproducts? How do we envision microproducts?.. To get the wisdom directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, I conducted a one-hour interview with Dorai on Microproducts. I have managed to edit it down to adhere to our 10 min TMTX format. He has outlined a dozen key insights that could be useful to all of you. Hope you all enjoy the interview.

Besides the technique Dorai outlines for generating microproduct ideas, I would advocate our Extreme Pivot (Performance Undersupply XRay) method. Using that you can find the Trimtab of the customer journey you are tackling and envision/build a microproduct around that. You can learn about the Extreme Pivot method through the youtube playlist of short videos (5-7 min each). For more on our patent-pending digital transformation approach, please visit , which is our mentee resource site. It doesn’t have a paywall or email-address wall or any other restrictive wall.

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TMTX 12 Magiq Ears Beta

Can we do a digital transformation of focusing practice?
Please sign up for the beta at

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TMTX Zen and the Art of Digital Transformation

6th edition of the TMTX Digital Transformation newsletter. Today I cover 2 of my favourite zen stories – headlights and monks & combs. I have connected the first one to digital transformation. I have left the second one as a puzzle to solve – how does the 2nd story of monks and combs connect to digital transformation. Please chime away in the comments section

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TMTX Digital Dispstick 5As Anomaly

Digital Dipstick and the 5As is a technique we have developed for spotting digital transformation opportunities. In this video, we cover the third of the 5As – the Anomaly fractal.

CQA Success Stories / Happy Moments

Curiosity helped resolve customer complaints faster

CQA Success Stories / Happy Moments

Caffeine combined with curiosity helped me maintain Confidentiality

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Steve Jobs Connecting the Dots Cutback Version with Annotations

This is an extract from arguably one of the most important speeches ever given by a business leader – Steve Jobs’ commencement address at Stanford June 2005. I have extracted the connecting the dots principle that he outlines with annotations for the viewer’s benefit. – Sukumar Rajagopal

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Sat Arch Ep 24 Part 5

What you see is not, What you see.

Part 1 – Why what we see is not false- Experience it yourself?
Part 2 – Janaka explains how he had faced and overcame it with his customer
Part 3 – Karthick shares his experience of how this helped him meet his leadership expectations
Part 4 – Deepak share how this manifested in a CxO meeting and became a problem
Part 5 – The dangers and pitfall of CQAs and how to handle it.