1PUX – Performance Undersupply Xray, a breakthrough customer journey mapping technique from Tiny Magiq. V1
2MVP  – Minimum Viable Product, from the Lean Startup method. V2
3CQA – Curiosity Question Asked,  a breakthrough questioning technique from Tiny Magiq. V3
4Extreme Pivot – A breakthrough innovation technique from Tiny Magiq, where you fill out the PUX Excel. Find the trim tab step in the cust journey, set an extreme objective and transform that V4
5BTG – Build Tiny Grit, a breakthrough technique to build grit & persistence from Tiny Magiq V5
6FJP – Fractal Journal Post – Fractals are microskills (CQA, BTG are examples..) which you practice and journal your practice in our mobile app Magiq Spark. Fractal Routines is the subject of Tiny Magiq’s patent (pending). During the program you will learn how to practice a fractal and journal it using our mobile app Magiq Spark.
7DOJO – a brainstorming session which can be an Envisioning Dojo or a Execution Dojo. Envsioning Dojo is where the team (or pod) fills out the PUX and finds the trim tab.

In the Execution Dojo,  the team (or pod) fills out the Possibility Filter for the innovation they have envisioned and choose the best possibility to do the MVP. 

8Trim Tab – this is the highest leverage point in the customer journey. When the trim tab step is transformed, usually a big impact is created on the customer. When the PUX excel is filled out, it automatically computes the trim tab step. V8