rLets Breakout – Retail Scenario

Context about problem

Merchandising Planner

This specializes in the strategic placement and visual presentation of products in a retail setting, focusing on optimizing sales, enhancing the shopping experience, and efficiently utilizing retail space through the use of planograms.
Parameter for making the Planogram
Market Share: This refers to the products that hold a significant share of the chocolate market. These are likely your best-sellers or most popular items among consumers.
Margin Share: This priority focuses on products that yield higher profit margins. While they might not be the top sellers, they contribute significantly to the profitability per unit sold.
New Products: This category introduces recent additions to your chocolate range. Prioritizing these items helps in market testing and increasing consumer awareness of new choices.
Core Products: These are your staple items, the regular, reliable products that form the backbone of your chocolate range.
The challenge here is to design a planogram that effectively balances these priorities, ensuring a strategic and visually appealing arrangement of products. Each cell on the shelf must be filled, adhering to your prioritization criteria while also considering the visual merchandising aspects like product visibility, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal to attract and engage customers.
The goal of this planogram is not only to optimize sales through strategic product placement but also to enhance the shopping experience in the chocolates aisle, encouraging both impulse buys and repeat purchases.

The Output Of Breakout

In the retail sector, particularly within a store in Bangalore, you’re looking to optimize a specific shelf in the chocolate aisle using a planogram. The design of the shelf will be given as input. This needs to used by the mobile sales person when visting Kirana shops.