CQA Success Stories / Happy Moments

Caffeine combined with curiosity helped me maintain Confidentiality

The process excellence team was tasked with responsibility to evaluate & report the performance of all team members to the Project managers across the organization, adhering to strict confidentiality standards. The person in charge was at a loss since he could not ensure confidentiality as the reports will have to be prepared by his team, which would not be in adherence with the confidentiality norms. Luckily for him , being trained under the ‘Hipoha framework”, he had his curiosity antenna up- the ‘CQA” and in a chance conversation with a former team member got to know of an RPA tool which would be able to execute the entire task without any manual intervention. This tool was implemented immediately and helped the Project managers deploy their resources more effectively and in a timely manner , thanks to” Hipoha”

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