CQA Success Stories / Happy Moments

Curiosity helped resolve customer complaints faster

As and when ‘tickets’ were raised by the Off shore client, an onsite customer support team was tasked with analyzing the tickets everyday and would in turn assign the tickets to the respective services or support team to resolve the issues raised . This team was also responsible to keep the off shore client updated on the status – which included the assignee of the ticket and probable date of issue resolution. With the no of tickets raised increasing by the day and the support team being burdened with more issues for resolution, led to delays in not only closure but in updating the customer of the progress. The result- increased no of customer complaints, delays in resolution, unsatisfied off shore clients and lowered employee morale.,

After application of the CQA fractal by the Customer Support team/ head, an automated tool was designed and put in place. This tool completely eliminated the manual intervention of the handling of tickets. Resulting in hours of saves an equivalent of USD 24650.

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