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Doing a Dojo

What is a dojo?

It’s a meeting place where the pod/ team members.  They understand, plan and execute their business outcomes/objectives

How do I convene a dojo?

The pod lead chooses a date and time of the meeting, as mutually agreed to by all across the pod & blocks the calendar for the upcoming weeks

What needs to be done during a dojo?

  • Pick a function/ problem from Measurable Anchor phenomena [MAP] /business Objective.
  • Do a Customer Journey map on how to do a Customer Journey map and identify the Trim tab step.
  • List out the Possibilities with the help of the Possibility filter tool for which the MVP needs to be executed.
  • From the above chosen possibility, identify and designate person/ teams for executing the MVP within 2 weeks.

Journal the dojo in the app- choose DCJ 

As soon as the dojo is done, has to be journaled in the Magiq Spark app

Tips for a successful dojo.

  • Do it within 60 minutes
  • Decide on the Customer journey in advance.
  •  Clarity of MVP-. who, how, what & by when to be decided in the dojo itself.
  • Journal in the app immediately at the end of each dojo

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