HiPoHA Standup Meeting (HSM)

Conduct a HSM

What is HSM ?

HiPoHa Standup Meeting ( HSM ) is similar to a huddle. In many sports like (American) football and rugby, the team huddles before each play. The huddle is strategic: it keeps the team informed, connected, and calibrated throughout the game.

In the HiPoHa world, this is for all team to get a sense for what is working and what is not working. If time permits discuss possibilities to handle blockers

When to execute a HSM ?

It is one of the easiest things to do in the HiPoHA world.

Frequency : It should be done once a week. Setup a recurring calendar HSM weekly for 15 minutes across all the Pod/Squad members.

Duration: 15 min (Resist the temptation to extend the meeting under any circumstances. if you do the Tiny Demon will derail this meeting. )

How to execute a HSM MVP?

  1. Attendee list: Make a note of who attended / who missed. More absentees means there is a blocker already by default.
  2. Boosters: Boosters are positive experiences (happy moments, insights gained, learnings, appreciations received, recognitions received) that came from applying the HiPoHa fractals. If there are no boosters, some of you can express gratitude by mentioning a specific thing that a team member did for the team’s benefit.
  3. Blockers: Please request team members to share any blockers from the last 1 week that is affecting their ability to practice the HiPoHa fractals and journal them. Please be open-minded to acknowledge the blockers however trivial it may seem and do CQAs to understand the blocker better so that we can remove it easily.
  4. Journal: Lastly, it is very important to journal it in the Magiqspark app (this is a team journal and only one from the pod/squad need to journal this. please take turns to do this journal so that everyone gets an opportunity to journal this meeting):
    • Journals are a direct portal to our subconscious mind. The more we journal, more our subconscious mind picks up the signal and accelerates the change internally.
    • Others who have experienced similar blockers can help you and your team’s boosters can help others who have blockers.
    • Mentors can look at the blockers and make some suggestions from their experiences.
    • It also can be a reference at a future date.

How the journal looks in Magiq Spark?

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