Saturday Architecture Episode 25 Part 1

Part 1 – Kumaran talks about a fundamental presumption of technology solutions that exists today. “Touch” as an interface. Not just touchscreen but even keyboards mouse. Think of a ATM or Swipe machine keypads.

Part 2- Gowtham Retail IT specialist talks about his insights in the Covid scenario on retail.Should we make solution long-term or short-term?

Part 3- Karthick talks about the impact as an integration architect

Part 4 – Ramesh from Australia talks about his take from market research analyst and having lived across multiple cultures. Culture its impact on architecure

Part 5 – Deepak shares his insight on how solutions can be made long lasting. He is inspired by Lindy effect as used by Taleb.

Can “touch” go or will it stay? Watch the series. Share your thoughts or any ideas

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