Architecture Traffic Light Model

Sat Arch Ep 29: Process Mgmt and architecture

Aligning the process of product/software development is tightly coupled with the architecture that is being built as well. We will look at how an architect can help the program/project manager customize the process for the architecture being implemented

Venkat talks about inducting new members and handling the challenges in getting them up to speed. Even though the process is “Agile” meeting biz requirements is hard. Also talks about how the business stakeholders and ask for last-minute requirements. The challenges faced in implementing it and aligning architecture to meet business needs…

Deepak talks about handling the above needs. He talks about aligning architecture needs and requirements with Red/Yellow/Green team members. Making the best use of skills and talent. He also explains how an architect can lead by culture change and not process change. This can happen by accountability setting using quality as deliverable. Also, Deepak gives tips on avoiding a clash with program/project manager Watch this section alone:

Ram on Handling Reds – socializing session with business and IT teams – ease-out with personal interactions – avoid day to day interactions – creating opportunities for empathizing, acknowledging their skills Handling Yellows – identify them clearly – training them – tracking closely Watch this section alone:

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