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TMTX 13 Microproducts with Dorai

As I mentioned in my last episode Dorai Thodla one of the top thinkers/mentors in Chennai came up with this concept of Microproducts. A year or so back, he took time out, met with our team and explained his concept which inspired all of us. Everyone of our team mates have taken up this idea of a building a microproduct. Magiq Ears was created as a direct result of Dorai’s inspiring session with our team. We are very grateful to him.

Since many of you are likely hearing the term “microproduct” for the first time, you may have a number of questions – What are microproducts? How do we envision microproducts?.. To get the wisdom directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, I conducted a one-hour interview with Dorai on Microproducts. I have managed to edit it down to adhere to our 10 min TMTX format. He has outlined a dozen key insights that could be useful to all of you. Hope you all enjoy the interview.

Besides the technique Dorai outlines for generating microproduct ideas, I would advocate our Extreme Pivot (Performance Undersupply XRay) method. Using that you can find the Trimtab of the customer journey you are tackling and envision/build a microproduct around that. You can learn about the Extreme Pivot method through the youtube playlist of short videos (5-7 min each). For more on our patent-pending digital transformation approach, please visit , which is our mentee resource site. It doesn’t have a paywall or email-address wall or any other restrictive wall.

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TMTX Digital Dipstick & The 5As – Making of a $1B+ Transformation

Explains how we applied the 5As to create a $1B+ digital transformation.

Lean Startup Scaling/Growth hypothesis Value Hypothesis

TMT 15 Lean Startup by Eric Ries Part 3

Extreme Objective Lean Startup Minimum Viable Product Loop (MVPL) PUX

TMT 14 Lean Startup by Eric Ries Part 2

Lean Startup Minimum Viable Product Loop (MVPL) Pivoting Product mind set / Product thinking

TMT 13 Lean Startup by Eric Ries

What is an MVP and how do you go about envisioning an MVP?

Lean Startup Minimum Viable Product Loop (MVPL) Product mind set / Product thinking

Tiny Magiq wins 3rd Place

Around an idea in 50 hours

Is it a shoe? Is it a sensor? Is it a prototype? That about sums up what Sunday evening felt like at the In50hrs Chennai event, as 15 teams demonstrated prototypes that could one day change the way we walk, drive, detect cardiac abnormalities or even monitor anaemia and irrigate our farm.

The event, which was organised by The Startup Centre, had participants from across the State, and from cities such as Kochi and Delhi, working on ideas and building product prototypes over a period of 50 hours.