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TMTX Digital Dipstick & The 5As – Making of a $1B+ Transformation

Explains how we applied the 5As to create a $1B+ digital transformation.

Breakthrough Innovation CQA Digital Transformation Disruptive Innovation Knowing the Unknowns Tiny Grit

TMTX Digital Dispstick 5As Anomaly

Digital Dipstick and the 5As is a technique we have developed for spotting digital transformation opportunities. In this video, we cover the third of the 5As – the Anomaly fractal.

Act Like God Anti-Fractal Breakthrough Innovation

TMT 25 Asimov’s Axiom – the biggest reason for not starting with ideas?

Asimov said that We disapprove Creativity though we want creative ideas. This is the biggest reason why we shouldn’t start our transformation projects with ideas.

Breakthrough Innovation Change Initiatives Scaling/Growth hypothesis

TMT 19 Bringing Out the Best in People by Aubrey Daniels Part 2

How to handle the naysayers in your org? How to drive cultural transformations at scale?

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TMT 12 Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen Part 2