Ambiuity Asocial Asymetry Digital Transformation Extreme Objective Minimum Viable Product Loop (MVPL) Systems Thinking Value Hypothesis

TMTX Digital Dipstick & 5As – $1B+ Transformation Part 2 – Big Hurdles

This is the second part of the One Cognizant journey. I cover 4 big hurdles we had to overcome and a surprising revelation on the efficiency Vs. transformation question.

Ambiuity Asocial Asymetry Breakthrough Innovation Digital Transformation Extreme Objective Future Making Lean Startup Minimum Viable Product Loop (MVPL) Problem finding Product mind set / Product thinking PUX

TMTX Digital Dipstick & The 5As – Making of a $1B+ Transformation

Explains how we applied the 5As to create a $1B+ digital transformation.

Change Initiatives Responsibility mode Tiny Cardio TIny Demon Tiny Grit Tiny Habit

TMTX Maybe Streaks Are a Bad Idea

After completing 10 years of my fitness program recently, I have developed the conviction that may be streaks are a bad idea for fitness programs.

Ambiuity Asocial Blind spot Digital Transformation Extreme Objective

TMTX Digital Dipstick and the 5As – Ambiguity

8th edition of the TMTX newsletter on digital transformation. Ambiguity is the last of the 5As and may actually reveal the biggest opportunities for digital transformation

Asocial Digital Transformation PUX Systems Thinking

TMTX Digital Dipstick & 5As [Asocial]

Digital Dipstick and the 5As is a technique we have developed for spotting digital transformation opportunities. In this video, we cover the fourth of the 5As – the Asocial Antifractal.

Barriers to innovation Limiting Beliefs

TMT 59 Root Cause of Limiting Beliefs

Our limiting beliefs prevent us from doing the high importance low urgency tasks (which we call Green Zone tasks). What is the root cause of these limiting beliefs?

False comparison - Reference point bias Imbuing Happiness

TMT 53 Part 2 False Comparisons

False comparison - Reference point bias Gratitude Imbuing Happiness

TMT 53 Can You Really Stop Comparing

Many experts advise us to stop comparing. But can we?

TIny Demon Tiny Grit Tiny Habit

TMT 49 Full Episode – How my battle with procrastination led me to a subconscious superpower?

We have discovered a neural circuit called Tiny Grit that helps us stop procrastinating.

Anti-Fractal Fault mode Fractals Responsibility mode

Barriers to Transformation & Responsibility Mode

How does our mindset affect our ability to pursue transformation?